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Love is free. Angelo And Damien Crosse

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I do what I enjoy and I pretty much enjoy it all.. My goal is not only to have a great time myself, but most importantly serve you a hot adventure of a meeting that you hopefully won't be forgetting anytime soon.

Be it a rough and hard adventure or a sweet and tender one, its all the same to me DamienXrosse London, United Kingdom. Last on: Contact Me. Help Send DamienXrosse a Gift. Send a Membership Gift. Public Photos 44 Videos 3 Contact Me. Photo Rating: Premium Clients can access semi-private galleries!

Click here to Signup or Signin now! Video Info. Click to get my phone number and give me a call now! Send me an email now! Send me a Membership Gift! Jason Curious. Sad, pathetic fag who believes he is Liza Minelli and horns in on all the gay porn sets and shows. Claims to be bi yeah right. I still love me some Blu! He has been popping up all over the internets lately as a top and bottom. I just saw him fucking a guy on All American Heroes. He gives "interviews" before the sex starts, and all he really wants to do is fuck and suck. He loves cock of all colors and really gets into it.

I hate Draz and his gay for pay attitude.


Who''s the Biggest Whore in gay porn?I

In one of his earlier clips he covers his face with his hands when his partner is about to cum so he wouldn't get a single drop in his mouth. In another one he says that his wife is watching him off camera while he's about to put a dildo up his ass. Straight ass jerk. He always bottoms too. Both Rod Daily and Parker London are gay 4 pay bores. Malachi Marx, is just the worst thing ever in gay porn, his presence is completely negative. Plus he is always banging on about how much he hates gay sex, he said he found gay sex so revolting, he vomit once afterwards.

Here is an attempt at an interview with Marx, by a very poor excuse for an interviewer, he may need to reconsider his profession. BTW after reading this, you might also feel the need to puke. I just don't understand why this nice-seeming young man has so many loads of laundry in one weekend!

That's easy r35, As usual with straight gay for pay guys, he meets the girl of his dreams and they kids, they buy a house in nice little town, He rakes and trims the grass, He loves to mow and weed, She cooks like Betty Crocker, And she looks like Donna Reed. There's plastic on the furniture to keep it neat and clean, In the Pine-Sol scented air, Somewhere that's green.

All of his updates on his site for the past few weeks have been solos. Will no one have sex with the poor boy anymore?

Damien Crosse

I haven't seen Mason bareback on film. Are you sure about that. He is a whore after my own heart. He loves sex, nothing fake or phony about him. I love whores. R32 I don't know if Zeb Atlas is that much of a whore. He only had full-fledged man-on-man sex with Adam Killian in that one video, but that was it. Although I've seen a few pics from his website where he lets other guys perform oral on him. This "Gavin Waters" fellow must be doing a shoot a day in Florida he's been everywhere over the past month.

He's even getting banged in the dog food aisle at the local grocery store. I had no idea Blake Harper did straight porn, what was the name of that film? How many straight films did Blake make? Oh God the Blake Harper is bi troll is back. He made one bi porn film R He is gay and this troll has been obsessed with proving he is bi and shows up on every porn thread. Anyone who saw the Colton Ford documentary knows that Blake Harper is a flaming queen. He was the "it" boy for several months and the -poof- he's disappeared. He is trying to make it as a "mainstream" actor, which is what he tried to do before going into porn.

I can't find any other straight porn films Blake Harper was in other than the bi film. Does anyone know what film the picture in the link comes from. I assume it's a straight film. Did Harper use another name for straight porn? Peter something. BTW r52, I don't know, he doesn't look much like a flaming queen in picture at r And will David Taylor make it in mainstream after producers know he did gay porn?

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Is he marketing himself as straight in his mainstream ambition? I think Brad Benton, did that tried to make it in films. He did a show where he and some other wannabe actors tired out for an agency, and while Benton was much better than the rest, they ditched him early on and gave to deal to a terribly weak actor. I had go and delete all my Blake Harper films, and I think of the time and money I spent on them. That cunt and no right turning out to be bisexual.

I wish r58, but I find bisexuality are huge turn off. A past experience with one scarred me, both literally and metaphorically. Keri and I have been getting along really well. I'm so glad I got to know her before we do this because she's an incredible woman with a great sense of humor. I'm really looking forward to the scene.

He stays there for a good twenty minutes too, while Keri gives Brady head that would turn a gay man straight. Keri's wildly known for the length of her tongue, which helps a great deal in passionate kissing, blowjobs, and shrimping. Yes, shrimping. Keri has a bit of a foot fetish. I ask Blake if he could move up from Keri's pussy from just a second so I can get a shot of his face. He ignores me. I ask again. His eyes roam the room like a curious little boy and he finally looks up at me. I'm sorry, what did you say? The day could not have been more surreal.

You post this on every thread R Blake Harper did one bi film and it was his first sexual experience with a woman. His real name is Peter Tiefenbach and he went back to Canada and resumed his career as a nurse.

Colton dumped him because he was barebacking with tricks and has issues with sexual compulsion. Leo had a public meltdown on a porn blog last year. He posted a message stating that his porn career was over and he couldn't get work doing what he did before mortgage broker because of his porn past.