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Foreign gay men share their experiences living and dating in the Middle Kingdom - Global Times

She explained that though the platform is open to all age groups, it has been more popular with single seniors , who are often considered easy targets for matchmaking scams. Compared with some of the leading Chinese dating apps — such as Tinder-like Tantan, or Momo and Blued, which both include livestreaming and location-based functions — the Chaoyang District platform is light on features: The service is effectively a collection of personal ads posted online. Staff vet each user carefully, checking their household registration documents to verify their marital status. Unless users include contact details in their listing, prospective suitors must also contact the platform to get in touch.

For example, well-off bachelors in their 60s now often seek women at least 20 years younger than them, she said. Technology that allows singles to search farther and faster has transformed traditional matchmaking in China, but dating in the digital age comes with its own pitfalls. Since we share a similar cultural background, they believe that if Taiwan can achieve this they can start to expect more for China.

How do you see it developing?

Dating in Beijing? You need these apps

I saw a lot of civic movements emerging and people taking to the streets to protest. I was quite young at the time and greatly inspired. I started to appreciate the significance of democratization. Not just on same-sex marriage but on other issues, like environmental protection.

Those who get involved are not always the ones directly affected, but they feel obligated to do something for those who are. How have you adjusted to the move from Taipei to Beijing? On Christmas Eve two years ago, we hosted a gay meet-up party at our cafe and invited about 20 people. In the middle of that, some police officers showed up and asked everyone to show their IDs.

I was shocked, but our guests looked extremely calm.

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One after another, they took out their ID cards and showed them to the police. After the police finished checking them, they said fine and left. The party resumed, and our guests acted like nothing had happened. But I found it strange that they seemed so used to this kind of police intrusion. Most of the people who come to our cafe are supportive. There are only a few who have objected. Once I saw a customer had commented on social media: My colleague replied: How would you compare the gay communities in Taiwan and in Beijing?

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Like Nick, Luke says he often draws more attention than locals on dating apps, which he has mixed feelings about. Still, he admitted, the fact that his popularity derives from his "foreignness" makes him feel uncomfortable.

Although Luke is open about his sexuality and is out to all of his family and friends in the UK, he doesn't plan to come out to his Chinese colleagues. Among his gay Chinese friends, he adds, many have come out to their families without being rejected. Of course, culture shock still exists in intercultural dating scenarios. For instance, Kerr said, while in the US, it's still strongly expected that the dominant or more masculine partner foot the bill, in China it's rare that he's allowed to pay, as he's considered a guest in the country.

Another big difference is attitudes toward sex. And like others, Kerr has experienced the mixed blessing and curse of being a foreigner: Sometimes it can make people seem insincere. Yet a more positive spin on many Chinese men's attraction to foreigners is the fact that it allows them to escape the baggage of their own culture, and express themselves in a whole new way, he said.

He said terms such as "potato queen" a gay Asian man who prefers to date Caucasian men , "rice queen" a non-Asian man who prefers to date Asians and "bean queen" a gay guy with an attraction to Latino men have been adopted in the community to describe interracial preferences, but added that these distinctions are beginning to fade away.

Foreign gay men share their experiences living and dating in the Middle Kingdom. By Yin Lu Source: Global Times Published: IC When Nick, a year-old chef in Shenzhen, Guangdong Province, first moved from his native Russia to China seven years ago, he was seeking out more than job opportunities and an overseas adventure - he was looking for a chance to be himself. Courtesy of Luke Sparks fly when opposites attract "I like modern guys with a good sense of style, who aren't afraid to wear makeup, who don't just work every day but actually go out and do things," says Nick, who's currently in an open relationship with his Chinese boyfriend.

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IC The perks and pitfalls of dating as a foreigner Luke, a year-old Brit living in Nantong, Jiangsu Province, was enjoying a stroll through the park with his new friend, a cute young Chinese doctor, when their conversation came to a screeching halt. Coming out in China.